This product is FIRE for blending especially when applying self tanner because it’s dual sided. One side has a sponge and the other side has a soft brush. Both sides can be used for blending out areas where solution may have pooled up and the sponge is amazing for buffing out hands and feet! Plus the brush can also be used to apply powder to set the tan.

Powder Brush
A big fan brush is a great tool for using setting powder on the entire body. It allows you to pick up a lot of product at once and dust it over larger areas.

Makeup Puff
The round makeup puffs that you generally see being used for powder makeup are also great to use when you’re spray tanning. Using this puff to blend out hands, feet and wrists creates a flawless finish for a natural-looking tan!


Clean with gentle soap and water. 

X-Tan Sunless Blending Brush